Ember super slow on Windows

I started using EmberJS a few days ago and god the rendering was slow on my Windows machine!

Found this answer on stackoverflow:

Official recommendation from ember-cli to improve its performance on windows

Install ember-cli-windows with node using the below command

npm install -g ember-cli-windows

Run the following command on your project root folder


Saved my life!


4 thoughts on “Ember super slow on Windows

  1. Thanks for this. I don’t know if the performance issue still exists but I did as you suggested on Windows 10. I’m sure I’ll benefit greatly from your examples.


    • Hi, it looks like the recommandation is no longer present on the official website of Ember. So we can assume the issue does no longer exist.



      • Thanks for your reply. I did some testing of this trick on my machine and it seems that this does still improve performance.

        I don’t know if I can paste preformatted text here in the comments but before using your tip, I got these numbers after running Ember serve:

        Build successful (27287ms) – Serving on http://localhost:4200/

        Slowest Nodes (totalTime => 5% ) | Total (avg)
        Babel (18) | 16598ms (922 ms)
        Concat (8) | 5100ms (637 ms)
        Rollup (1) | 1695ms
        EslintValidationFilter (2) | 1636ms (818 ms)

        and after running ember-cli-windows in my project directory I got these numbers when I ran ember serve. (Also I noticed refreshing content is at least twice as fast in Firefox 57 with ember-cli-windows.)

        Build successful (11860ms) – Serving on http://localhost:4200/
        Slowest Nodes (totalTime => 5% ) | Total (avg)
        Concat (8) | 4960ms (620 ms)
        Babel (18) | 3756ms (208 ms)
        Rollup (1) | 1364ms


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