Ionic – Web page unreachable

When running app on Android with live-reload, it fails to load the page: ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE

Simply disconnect the wifi of the smartphone and reconnect.

Megajump – How to have full MPs

  1. Get the apk
  2. Run this script to
    a. Unpack APK
    b. Add debug flag
    c. Repack APK
    d. Sign APK
    e. Verify APK
  3. Install the debug APK to your phone
  4. Create on our computer a file named GSGPrefs.xml with this content:
  5. Using Android Studio, Device File Explorer, go to “/data/data/com.getsetgames.megajump/shared_prefs”
  6. Delete the existing GSGPrefs.xml if any
  7. Right-click the folder, upload your own GSGPrefs.xml file

You now have a lot of MPs