Atom – ctrl-alt-[ not working

After installing Atom on Windows, I couldn’t use the CTRL-ALT-[ keystroke to open a new square bracket.

Solution from here : 

Add this in keymap.json

'atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
    'ctrl-alt-]': 'unset!'
    'ctrl-alt-[': 'unset!'

Note: this is for french keyboards!

Atom – my packages


Here is my plugin list for Atom

Name Wox cmd
autoclose-html apm install autoclose-html
jshint apm install jshint
merge-conflicts apm install merge-conflicts
minimap apm install minimap
minimap-find-and-replace apm install minimap-find-and-replace
minimap-git-diff apm install minimap-git-diff
minimap-highlight-selected apm install minimap-highlight-selected
minimap-selection apm install minimap-selection
selection-highlight apm install selection-highlight
seti-icons apm install seti-icons
todo-show apm install todo-show