Jetbrains editor (webstorm, inteliJ, pycharm…) – Blurry window on external monitor

Replace “Webstorm” by whatever editor you use.

  1. In Webstorm, go to Help > Edit Custom Properties
  2. Add/edit the line for sun.java2d.uiScale.enabled to be true
    1. sun.java2d.uiScale.enabled=true
  3. In Webstorm, go to Help > Edit Custom VM Options
  4. Remove any line that looks like Dhidpi=true or Dhidpi=false
  5. Find the shortcut that starts Webstorm (on the desktop or find the executable on the location you installed Webstorm)
  6. Right-click it and select Properties
  7. Go to Compatibility tab
  8. Check the box marked Override high DPI scaling behavoir
  9. Set the dropdown list titlted Scaling performed by: System

You’re done.

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