Google Chrome – Make Ecosia your default search engine without installing the extension

I love Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees.

But adding their extension to make it your default search engine slows down a bit the speed of searches.

So here is how to add it as default search engine without the extension:

  • Go to the Parameters of Google Chrome
  • Then under “Search”, click “manage seach engines”chrome search egine.JPG
  • Add a new search engine at the end of the list with this string as the URL
  • Make it your default search engine
    ecosia default.JPG


Warning: Doing this will remove the auto-suggestion that Google gives you while you’re typing a search in your address bar 😦

If you want to do a particular search with Google (or another search engine existing in the list), simply type the keyword assiociated to this search engine, then TAB, then your search.