Wox – How to upload a plugin with the “.wox” extension

I just created my first Wox plugin, available here  and the source code is here

But during the upload phase, it is not clear what are the accepted files type for the plugin.

what type for wox plugin.JPG

The website says that a “.wox” file is needed but didn’t tell me how to generate it.

This file is simply your project zipped that you rename to change the extension.

It is also important that you have your files directly at the root of the archive and that the file “plugin.json” is present.

For example, here is the content of my archive file, renamed to have the “.wox” extension

wox plugin files.JPG

Wox – my plugins

Just found this amazing Alfred like for Windows on Korben : Wox

Just unzip the file, run the .exe and then hit ALT+SPACE to open the search box. It can run almost everything.

The plugins I installed are

Name Wox cmd
Ip address wpm install IP Address
Close Screen wpm install Close Screen
Google Translate wpm install Google Translate
Timestamp wpm install Wox.Plugin.Timestamp
Chocolatey wpm install Chocolatey
Change Windows Theme wpm install Change Windows Theme
Start Screensaver wpm install Start Screensaver